[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation 9.2 has been released

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Thu Oct 23 09:32:53 PDT 2014

IBM is pleased to announce the availability of IBM Endpoint Manager for
Server Automation 9.2

This release contains a number of enhancements that expand our platform
support, improve speed and efficiency of automation plans (e.g. Parallel
paths and new search icon), improve step failure handling and provides
example automation plans to accelerate time to value.

New features & enhancements :

1. IBM Endpoint Manager V9.2 support
   IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation runs on the IBM Endpoint
Manager 9.2 platform.

2. The ability to select between sequential and parallel plan types
   When creating an automation plan, you can select between a sequential or
parallel plan type.
   This lets you create simple sequential plans for less complex automation
scenarios and parallel
   plans for more advanced automation scenarios, where you want plan steps
to be executed concurrently.

3. Usability Enhancement - New search icon to search for steps and targets
   When adding steps to a plan or assigning targets to steps in a plan, the
list of available steps
   or targets are no longer loaded by default. Instead, you now use a
search icon when adding steps
   or assigning targets. This improves performance and usability.

4. The ability to set a step failure threshold in plans
   You can now set step failure thresholds for each step in your plan.
Setting a failure threshold
   means you can specify a percentage of failing targets that defines the
success or failure of the step.

5. New fixlets for the deployment and configuration of Microsoft SQL Server
2008R2 and 2012

6. New fixlets that support automated patching of nodes in Microsoft
Exchange 2010 and 2013 clusters

7. New sample automation plans
   Several new sample automation plans have been added.

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IBM Endpoint Manager Server Automation Team

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