[BESAdmin-Announcements] 9.2.0 and higher versions of IEM Server, Console and Web Reports will only support 64-bit platforms

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Mon Oct 20 15:53:43 PDT 2014

What is changing?
Starting in the IBM Endpoint Manager 9.2 release, the IEM Server, Console 
and Web Reports components will only be supported on 64-bit operating 
systems.  This is a change to our previously supported Windows platforms 
for these components to enable more effective use of system resources and 
functionality enhancements that have been blocked by 32-bit application 
limitations.  Specifically, the following platform support is changing:

        IEM Server and Web Reports now only supports 64-bit installations 
of Windows 2008 and higher
        IEM Console now only supports 64-bit installations of Windows 
Vista/2008 and higher

What is affected?
- IEM Server (Windows 32-bit OS, Windows 2003 32- or 64-bit)
- IEM Web Reports (Windows 32-bit OS, Windows 2003 32- or 64-bit)
- IEM Console (Windows 32-bit OS, Windows XP/2003 32- or 64-bit)

New detection fixlets (ids 1830, 1831, 1832 and 1833) have been added to 
the BES Support site to assist in identifying any components running on 
unsupported platforms.

What is not affected?
- IEM Clients
- IEM Relays
- IEM Server (RHEL)
- IEM Web Reports (RHEL) 

What action is needed?
Deployments with affected components _should not_ upgrade to IEM 9.2 until 
they can migrate all components to supported 64-bit platforms. 
For IEM Server migration instructions, see 

For the complete list of supported platforms, see 

For additional detail, see 
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