[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM Endpoint Manager releases Security and Compliance Analytics (SCA) version 1.5

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Fri Oct 10 02:17:47 PDT 2014

IBM Endpoint Manager is pleased to announce the release of Security and 
Compliance Analysis version 1.5. This version provides report viewing 
enhancements, REST API report definitions, expansion of SCA support, and 
bug fixes.

Ability to configure report definitions across TEMA instances through REST 
Enhanced report viewing
View only the relevant checks, checklists, and reports
Automatic exclusion of non-relevant template checklists from a user's SCA 
Exclusion of Action sites as a checklist
Exclusion of checklist that have no SCM content
Inclusion of only the checklists that are subscribed to a user's viewable 
computers in the reports
Setup up default views for report resources
Autosize columns feature
Set up a default home page
Credentials obfuscation for database users
Support for LDAP Active Directory global catalog
Support for the following:
Microsoft SQL versions 2012
Microsoft SQL versions 2014
Windows SQL Server 2012

Installation Instructions:
To download IBM Endpoint Manager Analytics, perform the following steps:
1.    In the IBM Endpoint Manager console, add the SCM Reporting masthead.
2.    In the Security Configuration domain in the console, open the 
Configuration Management navigation tree.

For first time installations:
3.    Click the Security and Compliance Analytics dashboard.
4.   From the list of supported endpoints, select the target server and 
click Deploy Installer. An action opens that downloads the SCA software 
into a Tivoli Endpoint Manager Analytics folder inside the Tivoli Endpoint 
Manager client folder on that server. For example, c:\Program Files\BigFix 
Enterprise\BES Installers\TEMA).
Note: If you are using the x86 version of a Windows operating system, the 
path to the install location will be c:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix 
Enterprise\BES Installers\TEMA.

For upgrading existing installations:
3.   Select the Fixlet named TEM SCA Upgrade (1.4.46) under the Upgrade 
menu tree node.
4.   Follow the Fixlet instructions and take the associated action to 
upgrade your TEM SCA deployment.

Published site version:
SCM Reporting site, version 77.

Other links:
To learn more about the about the features included in the SCA 1.5 Release
, see 
To view the the Release Notes, see 

Security and Compliance Analysis Team
IBM Endpoint Manager 
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