[BESAdmin-Announcements] Content Modification for Patches for SLE10, SLE10 System Z, SLE11, SLE11 System Z

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Mon Mar 17 16:38:51 PDT 2014

Content in the sites Patches for SLE10, Patches for SLE10 System Z, 
Patches for SLE11, and Patches for SLE11 System Z has been modified.

Reason for update:
Content has been modified to include SHA256 validation in preparation for 
9.1 platform release.

Actions to take:
*Gathering the sites will show the updated content. 
*Make sure the Suse Download Plugin is at version 2.8.1. The Suse Download 
Plugin can be updated in the Manage Download Plugins dashboard of the 
Patching Support site.

Published site version:
The updated content is available in the following site versions:
  -  Patches for SLE10, site version 249
  -  Patches for SLE10 System Z, site version 157
  -  Patches for SLE11, site version 294
  -  Patches for SLE11 System Z, site version 212
Suse Download Plugin version 2.8.1 is available in:
  -  Patching Support, site version 173

Application Engineering Team
IBM Endpoint Manager
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