[BESAdmin-Announcements] Software Distribution Patch Release

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Tue Mar 11 14:32:15 PDT 2014

The IBM Endpoint Manager is pleased to announce the release of another set 
of features and fixes for the Software Distribution site.

New Features: 

Fully compatible with the upcoming platform release
Ability to generate new Tasks with SHA-256 validation
Advanced option to automatically convert old Tasks with SHA-1 validation 
into Tasks with SHA-256 validation
Advanced option for a non-master operator to edit another non-master 
operator’s Application Management Group and packages.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed in a bug in the Self Service Portal Registration Management 
dashboard where it could crash in the rare event that there are computers 
with no name in the deployment
Fixed a bug in Task #5 "Change TEM Upload Maintenance Service Scan Delay 
Period" where the Task would fail to work if a non-default installation 
directory is used to install IEM on a Red Hat server
Fixed a bug in the SWD dashboard where the Task would fail to work if the 
installation command has a “{”
Fixed a bug in the current user mode where the installation batch tries to 
create a directory that has already been created

Required Actions: 

Published site version:
Software Distribution, version 53

Application Engineering Team 
IBM Endpoint Manager

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