[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM Endpoint Manager Releases SLE Custom Repository Support for Native tools sites users

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Mon Jun 30 14:48:57 PDT 2014

IBM is pleased to announce support for Patch Management for SUSE
Linux Enterprise (SLE) Custom Repositories. Users of the Patches for SLE 11
Native tools site can now register their custom repositories and
Subscription Management Tool (SMT) with IBM Endpoint Manager through the
SLE Custom Repository Management dashboard.

Users that use local repositories for downloading and distributing patches
for SUSE endpoints now have the ability to leverage on these local
repository mirrors or the Subscription Management Tool for patch

In the past, IBM Endpoint Manager provided Fixlets in the SLE native tools
to connect to the Novell Customer Center, download the relevant patches,
and distribute them to the target endpoints. The local repositories were
not leveraged for patch deployment. The SLE Custom Repository Management
dashboard allows the Fixlets to use Zypper for downloads, thus saving
bandwidth and providing improved performance.

Users can also leverage the custom repositories to deliver custom software
through IBM Endpoint Manager.

      Dashboard: SLE Custom Repository Management
      Analysis: Repository Configuration - SUSE Linux Enterprise
      Task: Enable custom repository support - SUSE Linux Enterprise
      Task: Disable custom repository support - SUSE Linux Enterprise

Actions to Take:
      Ensure that you are subscribed to the 'Patching Support' and 'Patches
      for SLE 11 Native Tools' sites.
      Activate the 'Repository Configuration - SUSE Linux Enterprise'
      Enable the following task: 'Enable custom repository support - SUSE
      Linux Enterprise '.
      Your custom repositories must be pre-configured with the required
      metadata and headers before you use the SLE Custom Repository
      Management dashboard.

Published site version:
Patching Support site, version 213.
Patches for SLE 11 Native Tools site, version 23

Other links:
To learn more about the SLE Custom Repository Support, see

Application Engineering Team
IBM Endpoint Manager
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