[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation 9.1 - SA3.2 Now Available

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Thu Jun 26 15:43:54 PDT 2014

IBM is pleased to announce the availability of version SA3.2 of IBM
Endpoint Manager for Server Automation 9.1!

Version SA3.2 contains the following features & enhancements:

    1. Parallel execution paths in plans
    2. Fixlets for patching MS Exchange Server clusters
    3. Fixlets for patching MS SQL Server clusters
    4. Fixlets for installing Oracle Database engine
    5. Usability Enhancement - ability to progress to another baseline even
if server has been left in "Pending Restart" state
    6. Usability Enhancement - ability to treat timeouts as Failures

Published site version : 28

IBM Endpoint Manager Server Automation Team

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