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Content in the Patches for Windows (English) has been modified:

Fully Superseded Fixlet Messages:
[Major] MS99-033: "Malformed Telnet Argument" Patch for Windows 98 Telnet
Client - CORRUPT PATCH (Superseded)    (ID: 9903302)
[Major] MS01-012: "Malformed vCard" Vulnerability in Outlook/Outlook
Express - CORRUPT PATCH (Superseded)    (ID: 101202)
[Major] MS01-041: Malformed RPC Request Vulnerability in Exchange 5.5 -
CORRUPT PATCH (Superseded)    (ID: 104102)
[Major] MS01-047: OWA Function Allows Unauthenticated User to Enumerate
Global Address List - CORRUPT PATCH (Superseded)    (ID: 104702)
[Major] MS02-003: Exchange 2000 System Attendant Incorrectly Sets Remote
Registry Permissions - CORRUPT PATCH (Superseded)    (ID: 200302)
[Major] MS02-033: Unchecked Buffer in Profile Service in Commerce Server
2002 - CORRUPT PATCH (Superseded)    (ID: 203304)
[Major] MS02-057: Flaw in Services for Unix 3.0 Interix SDK Could Allow
Code Execution - CORRUPT PATCH (Superseded)    (ID: 205702)
[Major] MS03-030: Unchecked Buffer in DirectX Could Enable System
Compromise - DirectX 9.0a - CORRUPT PATCH (Superseded)    (ID: 303010)
[Major] MS04-024: Vulnerability in Windows Shell Could Allow Remote Code
Execution - Windows NT with Active Desktop - CORRUPT PATCH (Superseded)
(ID: 402414)

Reason for Update:
Microsoft has stopped offering the deployed binary for these Fixlets.

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Published site version:

Patches for Windows (English), version 2019.

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