[BESAdmin-Announcements] *NEW* Patch Management releases support for Solaris 11

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Fri Jan 10 08:21:04 PST 2014

IBM Endpoint Manager for Patch Management for Solaris now supports Solaris
11 11/11 and 11.11.

The Patch Management team released a new site called “Patches for Solaris
11”, which contains Fixlet content for patching Solaris Support Repository
Updates (SRUs) on Solaris 11 endpoints.

Supported Versions of IBM Endpoint Manager:
IBM Endpoint Manager 8.2 and later

Published Site Version:
Patches for Solaris 11, version 19

New Dashboard:
Solaris Image Packaging System Repository Management dashboard (Found in
Patch Management domain > All Patch Management > Dashboards.)

New Analysis:
Solaris Origin Information analysis

Actions to Take:
Subscribe to the "Patches for Solaris 11" site. You can enable this site
from the "License Overview" dashboard found in the "BES Support" site.

Important note:
    Expand the overall cache size for server and/or relay before
   downloading SRUs to avoid the limited disk error. SRUs can be huge,
   about 2.7GB per image file. If you don't expand the cache, the gigantic
   download might flush out the existing files in the cache.

Related links:
   For more information the IBM Endpoint Manager Solaris 11 support, see

   For more information about Solaris 11 in general, see the Oracle website
   at http://www.oracle.com.
   For FAQSs, see

   For any questions, please use the forum:

Contact IBM Endpoint Manager Technical Support if you have any questions
regarding this update. Thanks.

Application Engineering Team
IBM Endpoint Manager
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