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Thu Dec 4 07:20:38 PST 2014

The IBM Endpoint Manager OS Deployment team is pleased to announce the 
release of OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging 3.6.

This release has the following features: 

* Bare Metal target management from the IBM Endpoint Manager console 
        * Inventory of Bare Metal targets that have done PXE-boot (no IEM 
agent required) 
        * Deployment of Bare Metal Profiles directly to a machine without 
requiring end-user intervention
        * Wipe the disk contents of Bare Metal targets to erase sensitive 
data in a secure manner when the hardware needs to be disposed of or 

* Support for Scripting toolkits facilitates BIOS and RAID config across 
vendor platforms
        * Deployment of hardware-specific scripting toolkits from IBM, 
Dell, and HP on bare metal targets 

* Image Settings management improvements
        * Copying of image settings from a Windows reference image to 
another compatible image to minimize user intervention when a new image is 
imported into the Image Library

* Offline deployment media for Windows targets
        * Creation of CD/DVD or USB media for offline deployments on 
targets that are not connected to the network 

Actions to take: 

This release is an update of the existing site. No immediate actions are 
required and the current product will continue to function normally. Some 
changes were made to existing features and to the User Interface. 
To take advantage of the new features, you may need to create a new 3.6 
MDT Bundle and update your Bare Metal Servers to Tivoli Provisioning 
Manager for OS Deployment 7.1.1 Fixpack 17. 
Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment can be downloaded from 
FixCentral. In airgapped or proxy environments, you may need to cache 
files on the IBM Endpoint Manager Server and/or the Console.

Additional Resources: 

Link to Users Guide:

Link to Users Guide (PDF version):

Link to Wiki: 

Instructions for air-gapped can be found at the following location: 

Published site version: 
OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging, version 47

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IBM Endpoint Manager 
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