[BESAdmin-Announcements] SUA 1 and 2 Sept/Oct Catalog update

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Sat Oct 19 20:41:51 PDT 2013

The IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis team is pleased to
announce the release of software catalog updates for SUA 1.3.x and 2.x.
The major changes included in this update are shown below. Please review
the change lists for all details on changes.

Catalog 35

   ·	All versions of Microsoft Windows 8.1 have been added to the catalog.
   ·	Some missing versions of Adobe Flash Player were added to the

Catalog 34

Major updates were made to enable detection of multiple Windows versions as
well as versions of Microsoft SQL Server in SUA 2.x. Note that these
changes have not only required catalog changes but changes in Analyses for
SUA 1.x and 2.x. The "Installed Windows Applications" Analysis (SUA 2.x)
and "Installed Application Information (Windows)" Analysis (SUA 1.x) are
being updated for Catalog 34.

For previous catalog versions, the updates to these Analyses may cause
Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows to stop being detected in SUA
1.x. That effect is caused by the updated Analyses generating new values
for properties which are used to match signature entries in the software
catalog. Updating your SUA catalog will enable the detection of those
software titles again. Detection of other software titles is not affected.

If you still need the previous versions of the Analyses mentioned above to
support custom content, please contact IBM Support for assistance.

Catalog 33

   ·	Resolution of some edge cases for detection of Adobe Acrobat and
      Adobe Reader
   ·	Addition of Microsoft Project Server 2010, Office Standard 2013,
      Office Professional 2010 and Windows 8
   ·	For SUA 1.3 customers, addition of multiple BizTalk Server editions.
      These changes will be provided to SUA 2.x customers in the next

Catalog 32

   ·	Resolved issue with detection of some versions of Microsoft Visual
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