[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM Endpoint Manager Agent Deployment wizard now available

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Fri Oct 4 08:24:14 PDT 2013

IBM is pleased to announce the availability of IBM Endpoint Manager Agent
Deployment wizard - a stand-alone tool which will eventually eclipse the
Unix/Linux/Mac Client Deploy Tool.

Key Features:
- Runs on both Windows and RHEL operating systems
- Deploys agents to a wide variety of operating systems that include
Windows, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, Solaris, CentOS, AIX, Oracle Linux, Suse
Linux, HP Unix and Mac.
- Supports installing agents to an air-gapped environment
- Interacts with LDAP for importing lists of targets to deploy Endpoint
Manager agent on

For more information on the wizard, and to download and install, see :

To provide for the IBM Endpoint Manager Agent Deployment wizard's
functionality within the IEM Console, we have released five new Tasks which
can be used to deploy agents from within the IEM Console. The Tasks allow
users to install an agent deployment application on both Windows and RHEL
servers and deploy agents to the same operating systems as the stand-alone
wizard. These tasks are available within the BigFix Labs site.
Please ensure that the BigFix Labs site version is 25.

For more information see:



IBM Endpoint Manager Agent Deployment Team

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