[BESAdmin-Announcements] IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis Fix pack 2 is now available (version 2.1.16)

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Thu May 30 17:32:24 PDT 2013

IBM announces the availability of the Fix Pack 2 for IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis version 2.1 

The fix only affects users wanted to migrate SUA deployment from version 1.x to 2.x. 
If you have SUA 2.x installed you might skip this update. 

Version 2.1.16 contains the following fixes: 
- A user is not able to run SUA 1.3 to SUA 2.0 setting migration script during initial install. 

Site version updated: 27 

Action to take: 
1. Open 'System Lifecycle" pane in IEM Console
2. Go to 'TEM SUA 2.x Server Upgrade' 
3. Click on 'Deploy TEM SUA 2.1.16 Update' and "Take Action"

If your SUA server runs as "LocalSystem" no further action required. 
If TEM SUA server runs with a different credentials "TEM SUA Upgrade" fixlet will download TEM SUA 2.1.16 installer to "sua_installer" folder in SUA 2.x installation directory, to apply it you have to manually run the installer and follow the on screen instructions. 

IBM Endpoint Manager Software Use Analysis Team 

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