[BESAdmin-Announcements] Release of Solaris Live Upgrade Support

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Mon May 6 22:41:04 PDT 2013

We are pleased to announce the support for Solaris Live Upgrade.

We have released a new site called “Patches for Solaris Live Upgrade”,
which contains Fixlets for patching Solaris inactive boot environments.

Supported Solaris Versions:
- Solaris 9
- Solaris 10
- Solaris 10x86

Type of Patches:
- Oracle Recommended patches
- Oracle Security patches
- Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPU)

Supported Versions of IBM Endpoint Manager:
IBM Endpoint Manager 8.0 and later

Refer to the online user guide for more information about this new content:

Affected Fixlet Messages:
All Fixlets in "Patches for Solaris Live Upgrade" site.

Reason for Update:
Enable you to patch inactive boot environments in Solaris Machines.

Actions to Take:
- Subscribe to the "Patches for Solaris Live Upgrade" site. You can enable
the site from the "License Overview" dashboard in the "BES Support" site.
- Register the Solaris Download Plug-in.  You can use the "Manage Download
Plug-ins" dashboard in the "Patching Support" site.
- Configure the Solaris inactive boot environments. You can use the "Manage
Boot Environments" dashboard in "Patches for Solaris Live Upgrade" Site.

Published Site Version:
Patches for Solaris Live Upgrade, version 4

Application Engineering Team
Tivoli Endpoint Manager
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