[BESAdmin-Announcements] Disappearing/reappearing 8.2.1400 upgrade fixlets

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Thu Jun 27 13:43:54 PDT 2013

Late yesterday we removed the IBM Endpoint Manager 8.2.1400 (patch 8)
upgrade fixlets from the BES Support site to help prevent an issue related
to upgrade failures from 8.2.1400 to any 9.0 version (original release or
patch 1) to fail. However, removal of the 8.2.1400 upgrade fixlets caused
problems for customers that were in the middle of the upgrade process.
Therefore, we have restored the 8.2.1400 upgrade fixlets in BES Support
version 1093.

We advise customers that have already installed 8.2.1400 to wait until the
9.0 patch 2 release before upgrading to 9.0. For customers that are at
version 8.2.1400 and do not wish to wait before upgrading to 9.0, there is
a workaround for the upgrade failure as documented in the following
knowledge base article:

We apologize for the confusion caused by removing the upgrade fixlets and
will ensure proper notification in the future.

IBM Endpoint Manager Product Team
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