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IBM is pleased to announce the availability of IBM Endpoint Manager for 
Software Use Analysis app. level 9.0! 

IBMŸ Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis 9.0 is the first of a 
series of deliveries aimed to provide capabilities that were part of IBM 
Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed product to allow customers to be 
able to use IBM Endpoint Manager to report on IBM capacity licensing usage 
(aka IBM Sub-Capacity). 
Customers can download the new application level from the IBM Endpoint 
Manager for Software Use Analysis fixlet site. Software Use Analysis 
gathers information about installed software and hardware in a customer's 
It allows companies to assess if they are compliant with IBM and other 
software vendors' software licensing requirements. Available reports help 
IBM customers ensure compliance with IBM capacity licensing requirements 
and demonstrate good IT governance. Software Use Analysis 9.0 also helps 
to reduce costs by identifying software that is rarely used or not used at 

IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis 9.0 offers the following 
Capacity reports (PVU and RVU). Users can view a report to verify the 
number of processor value units that are counted for a software program. 
Users can set their own reporting time ranges and export reports to CSV 
Overview Dashboard. The dashboard on the landing page contains a set of 
widgets that reflect typical use cases.
Audit log. All user activities that impact license usage changes are 
recorded and are available to view and export to CSV and PDF formats.
Unified scanning. Software scans for signatures and capacity scans for 
hardware information now use one scanner. The file system is scanned for 
both software and capacity data, and only one fixlet is used for scan 
Automatic propagation. The software catalog is automatically propagated to 
all endpoints.

Notations on this release:
Software Use Analysis 9.0 server runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and 
leverages DB2 as data repository
DB2 is provided with a free for use license when used in conjunction with 
Software Use Analysis
IBM Endpoint Manager platform 9.0 is required and IBM Endpoint Manager 
server can run on RHEL with DB2 and/or supported Windows Servers with 
Microsoft SQL database
Migration/Upgrade utilities for Software Use Analysis 2.x are not yet 
available at this time.

Site version update: 6

Action to take:
Obtain the SUA 9.0 installer by navigating to the Software Use Analysis 
9.0 deployment dashboard under Software Use Analysis in the Server Setup 
-- Systems Lifecycle Domain.

Katarzyna Adamska-Fryz
ILMT/SUA Development
IBM SWG LAB, Kraków, Poland
office: (+48)12 628 9521, mobile: +48 783 109 521

IBM Polska Sp. z o.o. oddział w Krakowie
ul. Armii Krajowej 18, 30 -150 Kraków
NIP: 526-030-07-24
Sąd Rejonowy dla m.st. Warszawy, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
KRS 0000012941, Kapitał zakładowy: 33.000.000 PLN
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