[BESAdmin-Announcements] OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging 3.2 Release

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Fri Aug 9 10:28:15 PDT 2013

The IBM Endpoint Manager OS Deployment team is pleased to announce the 
release of OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging 3.2.

No immediate actions will be required and the current product will 
continue to function as it does now. Be aware some features may change 
slightly in their UI or location. If using new features, you may be 
required to update your existing bare metal servers.

This release has the following features:

* Targeting for bare metal based on property
* Windows server class support for capture and imaging
* UEFI x64 support
* Ability to prompt for computer name during bare metal
* Ability to create baselines for re-image tasks
* Updated 3.0 MDT Bundle Creator to handle IBM Endpoint Manager 9.0 
* Minor bug fixes

Actions to take:

This release is an update of the existing site. A new 3.2 MDT Bundle may 
be created to take advantage of the new functionality. This can be 
downloaded using Fixlet 46 in the site. No immediate actions are required 
and the current product will continue to function normally. Some features 
and UI will have changed slightly. Bare metal servers should be updated as 
soon as possible to TPMfOSD 7.1.1 Fixpack 13 in order to use many of the 
new features. Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment can be 
downloaded from FixCentral. If in an airgap environment or proxy 
environment, new files may need to be cached on the IBM Endpoint Manager 
server and/or console.

Additional Resources: 

Updated documentation with more detailed information will be available at 
the following location shortly. 

Airgap instructions can be found at the following location.

Published site version:
OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging, version 27

Application Engineering Team 
IBM Endpoint Manager

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