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Mon Jul 9 15:33:15 PDT 2012

In order to provide the full benefit of the many features and enhancements
added in more recent platform releases, we will be ending support for
version 7.2 of the Tivoli Endpoint Manager platform, one year from the date
of this announcement.  Customers using version 7.2 of the platform are
encouraged to upgrade to the latest version at their earliest convenience.

Please note that in addition to the many improvements in the 8.x and
upcoming platform releases, many of our latest application offerings use
functionality that is not compatible with 7.2 and older platform versions.
Upgrading is the best way to take advantage of all of the latest product
capabilities of Tivoli Endpoint Manager.
|Product Version                     |End of Support Date                 |
|Tivoli Endpoint Manager Platform    |July 9, 2013                        |
|Version 7.2                         |                                    |

Additional Notes:
   Fixlets for upgrading to the latest platform version are available in
   the BES Support site
   Manual upgrade instructions:
   Upgrade Fixlet messages for previous versions of Tivoli Endpoint
   Manager: http://support.bigfix.com/bes/install/beswindowsarchive.html
   More information about the changes in version 8.2:

Tivoli Endpoint Manager Product Team
Tivoli Endpoint Manager User Forum:
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