[BESAdmin-Announcements] TEM Power Management Update (Action Required!)

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Thu Jan 5 13:19:37 PST 2012

We have just published an update to the Power Management site.


Affected Fixlet Messages:
- Enable Power Tracking with Default Assumptions (ID 58)
- Set "Default" Cost Assumptions (ID 56)
- Set "Default Desktop" Hardware Assumptions (ID 26)
- Set "Default Laptop" Hardware Assumptions (ID 29)
- Set "Default Server" Hardware Assumptions (ID 20)
- VMWare Virtual Machines has Been Detected (ID 63)

- Enable Client Dashboard (ID 4)
- Update Client Dashboard (ID 80)
- Update Client Dashboard to Allow Multiple Client Dashboards (ID 76)

Affected Wizards/Dashboards:
- Wizard: Manage Custom Assumptions Task

Details on Updated Content:
- This update fixes a bug where the open action to set the custom
assumptions will not apply if it’s created earlier than when the current
assumptions are created. For example, an administrator may set up two open
actions so that the Clients in “Location A” would have “Custom Assumption
Profile A” and the Clients in “Location B” would have “Custom Assumption
Profile B”. However, a bug prevents the profile to be switched between A
and B back and forth because the profile with the latest action issue date
always takes the precedence. This fix sets the effective date for all
custom assumptions to an arbitrary time “15 Jan 2012 01:00:00 gmt” rather
than the action issue date.

- This update contains a UI improvement for non-English Client Dashboards
to handle longer-than-expected non-English strings.

Actions to Take:
Stop all open policy actions related with Fixlet ID (58, 56, 26, 29, 20,
63) and re-issue them with the new Fixlets.

Very Important: Remove and recreate all custom Tasks (if any) in the
“Manage Custom Assumptions Task” wizard. All custom Tasks must be removed
before Jan 14th to prevent new actions being issued from them. Stop and
re-issue all open actions related to these Tasks.

Please do not hesitate to email richardzhang at us.ibm.com for any questions
related to this update.

Published site version:
Power Management, version 34

Application Engineering Team
Tivoli Endpoint Manager
IBM Tivoli Software

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