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Fri Oct 14 02:20:52 PDT 2011

Content in the 'Client Manager for Endpoint Protection' Fixlet site has
been modified.

Added/Modified Analysis Messages:
* McAfee VirusScan 8.x/9.x  for Mac - Client Information (ID: 121)
* Symantec AntiVirus 10.2 / Endpoint Protection 12 for Mac - Client
Information (ID: 124)
* Sophos Anti-Virus / Endpoint Security Client Information - 9.x (ID: 205)

Added/Modified Fixlet Messages:
* UPDATE: Outdated McAfee VirusScan Engine Detected - McAfee VirusScan
8.x/9.x for Mac (ID: 635)
* UPDATE: Outdated McAfee Virus Definition Detected - McAfee VirusScan
8.x/9.x for Mac (ID: 636)
* UPDATE: Outdated Symantec Anti-Virus / Endpoint Protection Virus
Definition Detected - Symantec AntiVirus 10.2 / Enpoint Protection 12 for
Macintosh (Intel CPU) (ID: 638)
* McAfee VirusScan Not Running - McAfee VirusScan 8.x/9.x for Mac (ID: 135)

Dashboards/Wizards Modified:
* McAfee On-Demand Scan Wizard

Reasons for Update:
* The Fixlets/Analyses/Dashboards/Wizards listed in this announcement have
been updated to support the following products:
	Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 for Mac
	McAfee VirusScan 9.x for Mac
	Sophos Endpoint Security 9.x

Published site version:
Client Manager for Endpoint Protection, version 2112

Actions to Take:
Gathering of the site will automatically show the updates made.

Application Engineering Team
Tivoli Endpoint Manager
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