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Tue May 31 11:43:54 PDT 2011

We have just published an update to the Power Management site that 
includes a bug fix and a TEM Client optimization.

Affected Analyses / Fixlet Messages: 
Power Assumption Analysis (ID 2)
Enable Power Tracking with Default Assumptions (ID 58)
Optimize Client Relevance Evaluation (ID 84)
Set "Default Server" Hardware Assumptions (ID 20)
Set "Default Desktop" Hardware Assumptions (ID 26)
Set "Default Laptop" Hardware Assumptions (ID 29)

Affected Dashboards:

Manage Custom Assumptions Tasks

Reason for Update:
A bug has been fixed in the Manage Custom Assumptions Tasks wizard where 
it may generate a Fixlet with incorrect Relevance.

An optimization has been found that will eliminate redundant Relevance 
calculations of computer types in the TEM Client.

Actions to Take:
Apply Fixlet 84 to deploy the optimization to applicable TEM Clients.

Published site version:
Power Management, version 26

Additional links: 

Application Engineering Team 
Tivoli Endpoint Manager

IBM Tivoli Software
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