[BESAdmin-Announcements] Modified Content in OS Deployment

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Tue May 10 16:52:26 PDT 2011

IBM has modified content in OS Deployment. The following enhancements have 
been made:
·       Added Non-English desktop migration support. 
o       Added KeyboardLocale, UserLocale, and UILanguage settings to the 
CustomSettings.ini file that is dynamically generated.
o       Fixed issue with time zone not being carried over correctly.
·       Improved and optimized the Health Checks dashboard.
·       Fixed issues around sorting columns in dashboards.
·       Improved error checking when importing custom .wim images (e.g. 
.wim images not generated by Tivoli Endpoint Manager’s Capture dashboard).
Reason for update:
Actions to take:
Published site version:
OS Deployment, site version 4
Application Engineering Team
Tivoli Endpoint Manager

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