[BESAdmin-Announcements] Content updates in DISA STIG for Windows sites

Announcements for BES Administrators besadmin-announcements at bigmail.bigfix.com
Wed Apr 13 15:17:37 PDT 2011

The following updates have been applied to SCM content:

DISA STIG on Windows 2008 DC v6r1.11
DISA STIG on Windows 2008 MS v6r1.11
DISA STIG on Windows 2003 DC v6r1.18
DISA STIG on Windows 2003 MS v6r1.18
DISA STIG on Windows Vista v6r1.18
DISA STIG on Windows XP v6r1.18
DISA STIG on Windows 7 v1r2

Check "Time before bad-logon counter is reset does not meet minimum
requirements" - blank remediation action has been removed (ref 42194,

Multiple checks referencing LockoutDuration, LockoutBadCount,
ResetLockoutCount, MaximumPasswordAge, MinimumPasswordAge, or
PasswordHistorySize - resolved an issue where the check did not report
correctly in obscure cases with GPOs in effect (ref 41473)

All customers that currently license the Tivoli Endpoint Manager for
Security and Compliance product, the BigFix SCMv3 solution module, the
BigFix SCVM solution pack, or the BigFix SLM+SCVM solution bundle may
gather these content updates. Administrators are encouraged to verify open
actions as necessary. If you are using custom sites based on the affected
content, you will need to manually update the content in those sites with
the corresponding content from the external sites.

Thank you!

  -- The IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager Product Team

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