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Tue Sep 14 17:19:10 PDT 2010

BigFix has modified content in the BigFix DSS Software Asset Management site. Several changes and additions are now available that update the reliability and accuracy of software inventory and license management in DSS SAM. Changes include:

 *   Fixed bug in default execution settings for uncompressed upload actions
 *   Added security check in "Search for all Executables" task to verify supported SAM Scanner versions
 *   Updated Microsoft Office 2010 detection
 *   Legacy support for Windows NT4 scanning
 *   Newly updated SAM Scanner; for upgrade instructions see here: http://support.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/kbdirect.pl?id=998
    *   Added directory path exclusion functionality. See KB article for use:
To take advantage of these important updates, you must ensure your BigFix server gathers the most recent BigFix DSS Software Asset Management site. BES administrators are encouraged to verify open actions and synchronize baselines that contain the modified content. Instructions for synchronizing baselines can be found here: http://support.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/kbdirect.pl?id=401.

Please contact BigFix Technical Support if you have any questions regarding this change.

BigFix DSS SAM Team

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