[BESAdmin-Announcements] Content Modification in Power Management Fixlet site

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Thu Oct 28 11:19:36 PDT 2010

BigFix, an IBM Company, has modified content in the Power Management 
Fixlet site.

Affected Fixlet Messages And Tasks:

Power Consumption Analysis (ID 2)
Enable Power Tracking with Default Assumptions (ID 58)
Enable Client Dashboard (ID 4)
Disable Client Dashboard (ID 7)
Update Client Dashboard to Allow Multiple Client Dashboards (ID 76)
Save and Close Open Documents (ID 22)
Power Tracking Utility is not Running (ID 13)

Affected Wizards/Dashboards:

Manage Custom Assumptions Tasks wizard

Reasons for Update:

The algorithm used in the Model Power Savings web report to calculate 
power savings has been modified to provide greater accuracy.

Client Dashboard content has been modified to support multiple Client 
Dashboards on BigFix 8.0+ clients, customized weight and currency units, 
and to make rounding in calculations more consistent.

The Power Tracking Utility is not Running Fixlet will now detect if the 
Power Tracking Utility is absent from the system.

The Save and Close Open Documents task has been restricted to Windows XP 

Actions To Take:

BigFix administrators who have already deployed the Power Management 
Client Dashboard should enable multiple Client Dashboard support by using 
the new task Update Client Dashboard to Allow Multiple Client Dashboards.

Administrators can set currency and weight units for the Client Dashboard 
using the Global Settings dialog in the Manage Custom Assumptions Tasks 
wizard.  The Global Settings dialog will generate a Fixlet message to 
update Client Dashboards with the selected currency and weight units.

Published Site Version:

Power Management, version 11

Additional Links:


Application Engineering Team 
BigFix, an IBM Company
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