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Mon Oct 11 10:43:28 PDT 2010

BigFix, an IBM Company has released Service Pack 1 for Core Protection Module 1.6.

Customers who have Core Protection Module 1.0, 1.5 or 1.6 deployed should install this patch.  The following content has been modified to facilitate deployment of Service Pack 1 for Core Protection Module 1.6:

ID        Fixlet/Task
15        Core Protection Module - Install Server Components
55        Core Protection Module - Upgrade Server Components
18        Core Protection Module - Endpoint Deploy
59        Core Protection Module - Upgrade Endpoint

Service Pack 1 Enhancements:

*         Introduces the option to scan mapped drives.  The default behavior is set to prevent scanning of mapped drives.

*         Adds support of wildcards in the exclusions list.

*         Service Pack, Patch and Hotfix versions are displayed on both the Console and Client dashboards.

*         Reports identify OfficeScan clients correctly.

*         New Reports: Real-time Email for Malware Infections alerts, Outbreak alerts, Action Failure alerts.

*         Migration to the Common AU 2.0 for compatibility with other Trend products.

*         The Trend Micro Case Diagnosis Tool (CDT) is now deployed with the CPM server component.  Running CDT will collect CPM server component information as well as client information.

*         The OfficeScan client is now detected as a conflicting product.

*         The following products are detected as conflicting products and removed during installation of CPM:

      - Authentium(TM) Command AntiVirus for Windows
        Enterprise 4.9x
      - Computer Associates (CA) eTrust(TM) Antivirus 8.1.655
      - eScan(TM) for Windows 8.0.653.1
      - ESET(TM) NOD32(TM) Antivirus build 3.0.642
      - ESET NOD32 Antivirus 3.0.667.0
      - ESET NOD32 Antivirus 3.0.684.0
      - F-Secure(TM) Anti-Virus Client Security 6.03
      - F-Secure Client Security 7.0
      - F-Secure Client Security 7.10
      - F-Secure Client Security 8.00
      - F-Secure Client Security 8.01
      - F-Secure Client Security 8.01.133
      - Kaspersky(TM) Anti-Virus
      - McAfee(TM) Total Protection
      - McAfee ePolicy Agent
      - McAfee VirusScan Enterprise
      - Norman(TM) Security Suite 7
      - Norman Virus Control 5.99.0600
      - Panda(TM) Endpoint Agent
      - Symantec 11.0.780.1109 Endpoint Protection
      - Symantec 11.0.2010.25 Endpoint Protection MR 2
      - Symantec Endpoint Protection 10.1.8000.8
      - Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.3001.2224
      - Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.4000.2295
      - Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.4202.75
      - Symantec 11.0.4000.2295 Endpoint Protection 64-bit Edition

Service Pack 1 - Summary of Resolved Issues

1.      The CPM client stops running and requires deployment of the Improper Services Fixlet to restart the client.  Previously fixed in Hotfix 0003.

2.      2. The CPM client cannot be recognized by the Windows Security Center.  Previously fixed in Hotfix 0004.

3.      64-bit CPM clients are unable to write to Windows NT event logs.

4.      Spyware pattern file versions displayed incorrectly.

5.      Potential BSoD errors when scanning large files while ntrtscan.exe is unloading the scan engine drivers.

6.      Scanning a large number of files could occupy large amounts of memory in PccNT.exe.

7.      CPM clients do not use the currently logged on user account when performing manual scans on network drives.

Note that when you deploy CPM to endpoints, all language packages will be downloaded to the server cache and local relay caches.  Hotfix 007 resolves this issue but is not included in this service pack.  If you are concerned about this issue, please contact support to obtain the hotfix.

BigFix, an IBM Company Application Engineering Team

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