[BESAdmin-Announcements] BigFix Power Management: Windows 7 Support

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Wed Mar 10 23:03:06 PST 2010

We are pleased to announce the addition of Windows 7 support to BigFix Power Management.

For Windows 7 computers, customers can:

- View power settings

- Set power settings via the Power Profile Wizard

- Track power consumption

- View results in the Power Tracking Information dashboard and in web reports

As a reminder, BigFix Power Management has been certified by major energy utilities so customers with Power Management may be eligible for rebates as high as $15 per computer.

For more information about rebates or if you would like a free trial of BigFix Power Management to determine savings potential within your organization, please contact your sales representative or email sales at bigfix.com<mailto:sales at bigfix.com>.

We hope that you find this additional support helpful.  Stay tuned for many new features coming later this year.


The BigFix Product Team

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