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Thu Apr 22 09:27:34 PDT 2010

BigFix has modified content in the Trend Micro Core Protection Module and Trend Micro Reporting sites.

Site                          Version Number

Trend Micro Core Protection Module  10

Trend Micro Reporting               10


The modification resolves the following issue:

If the 'ntrtscan' service is not running while the Core Protection Module client attempts to update components, successive component updates may fail.

This patch enhances the applicability relevance of update related Fixlets/tasks in Trend Micro Core Protection Module Site and Trend Micro Reporting Site.  Core Protection Module clients with stopped ntrtscan service are restricted from being applicable for component update actions.

Clients with stopped ntrtscan service can be identified by Fixlet 5 'Core Protection Module - Improper Service Status' as well as the CPM Dashboard > Reports > Overview.


The following Fixlet and content are affected:

ID    Fixlet/Task

54    Core Protection Module - Update from Cloud

60    Core Protection Module - Apply Automatic Updates

* Existing Apply Automatic Update open policy actions should be stopped. Re-issue a policy action with the new Fixlet.


CPM dashboard > Updates > Update/Rollback Patterns > New Pattern Update/Rollback Task...


Thank you,

BigFix Application Engineering Team

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