[BESAdmin-Announcements] Content Modification Announcement - BES Support - Bandwidth Throttling Status

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Tue Apr 7 11:03:24 PDT 2009

BigFix has modified three sets of content in the BES Support site. 

1. The properties of the following analysis have been modified for cases
where client settings were getting deleted in different ways:

ID: 218  Bandwidth Throttling Status

2. The following tasks have been modified to also clear out the
_BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList, and
_BESClient_RelaySelect_TertiaryRelayList settings when switching
BESClients to a different BES Server:

ID: 200	Switch BES Client Action Site Masthead - BES < 7.0
ID: 255	Switch BES Client Action Site Masthead - BES Relay - BES < 7.0
ID: 460	Switch BES Client Action Site Masthead - BES 7

3. The following Fixlet has been restricted to BES Relays and Servers
greater than version 6 and less than version 7.2. The problems with too
many download folders are resolved in 7.2 and above.

ID: 535	WARNING: BES Server/Relays Have Too Many Download Folders

BES administrators are encouraged to verify open actions and synchronize
baselines that contain the modified content.  Instructions for
synchronizing baselines can be found here:
http://support.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/kbdirect.pl?id=401.  Please contact
BigFix Technical Support if you have any questions regarding this

BigFix Application Engineering Team

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