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Thu Jul 24 15:37:55 PDT 2008

We are pleased to announce a round of updates to BigFix Firewall!

New enhancements include support for Windows Vista and Server 2008,  
updates to the Firewall Policy Wizard, the Compliance Policy Wizard  
and the Firewall Dashboard.

Major new features include the ability to create interface level  
firewall rules, specify additional priority levels for rules, choose  
to turn logging on/off per rule, support for "other" protocols, and a  
myriad of UI enhancements.

There is also now a version of the dashboard viewable in Web Reports  
and an example Baseline that shows how to configure dynamic firewall  
policies based on compliance.

The documentation has been updated accordingly http://support.bigfix.com/product/documents/Firewall_deployment_080723.pdf

We hope you enjoy the new features and as always look for more  
enhancements in the future!

For more information about BigFix Firewall please contact your sales  
representative or email sales at bigfix.com.


The BigFix Product Team

The following is a detailed list of the changes:

Firewall Policy Wizard
- added the ability to create zone rules and add interfaces to a zone
- added the ability to designate rules as applicable to a particular  
- added an additional priority level
- added the ability to control logging on a per rule basis for prevent  
- added move up/down buttons to allow reordering of rules
- firewall and zone rules are now listed in the descriptions of  
generated tasks
- added support for "other" protocols
- added links in the wizard to activate analyses if necessary
- removed check box for 'apply immediately' and instead generate two  
action links, one for deploy and one for deploy and apply
- firewall policy tasks will now only be relevant if the necessary  
services are running
- removed the ICMP rule from the XP firewall template due to  
incompatibility with rules auto inserted to allow BigFix traffic

Compliance Policy Wizard
- added links in the wizard to activate analyses if necessary
- updated generated relevance to improve Compliance API detection
- improved UI for adding custom compliance checks
- fixed a minor UI issue where text could wrap improperly
- removed .xml from the title of generated tasks
- added missing text to the task description when a BigFix AV check is  
- changed text from Norton to Symantec

Deploy and Upgrade Fixlets
- updated to deploy a new engine that fixes a problem where zones were  
not always initialized properly
- Added support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

Firewall Policies Analysis
- updated to include Active Zone Rules and Available Zone Rules  

Configuration Information Analysis
- added a new property to return available network interfaces (used by  
the Firewall Policy Wizard when creating zone rules)

Disable Windows Firewall Fixlet
- updated to utilize the firewall inspectors

Improper Status of BigFix Firewall Services
- added a new Fixlet to detect and fix when any of the required  
services are not running and set to start automatically

Example Client Compliance Configuration Baseline
- added a new Baseline as an example of how to set up client  
compliance evaluation to dynamically load different firewall policies

Firewall Dashboard
- added a new chart for deployed compliance policies
- reworked custom statistics UI to be much cleaner and allow the  
dashboard to fit on smaller screens.

Web Reports
- added a Web Reports version of the Firewall Dashboard (7.0 only)
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