[BESAdmin-Announcements] Content Modification Announcement - BES Inventory and License - Windows Analyses

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Mon Dec 1 11:18:00 PST 2008

BigFix has modified content in the BES Inventory and License site. The
following analyses have been modified to use pipes ("|") rather than
dashes ("-") as separators (i.e. "Office 2000 - Service Pack 2" =>
"Office 2000 | Service Pack 2") in applicable properties:

ID: 41    Adobe Product Detection (Windows)        
ID: 34    Application Information (Windows)           
ID: 21    Microsoft Office Suite Information (Windows)        
ID: 54    Microsoft SQL Server and Client Tools Version Detection  
ID: 16    Operating System Information (Windows) 
ID: 40    VMWare Workstation Information (Windows)        

BES administrators are encouraged to verify open actions and synchronize
baselines that contain the modified content.  Instructions for
synchronizing baselines can be found here:
http://support.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/kbdirect.pl?id=401.  Please contact
BigFix Technical Support if you have any questions regarding this

BigFix Application Engineering Team

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