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Mon Nov 19 14:16:28 PST 2007

BigFix has modified all Fixlet content installing or updating the BES
Client Logging Service, which is used by BigFix Data Leak Prevention
(DLP), BigFix AntiVirus, BigFix AntiPest, and BigFix Firewall. There are
also a number of minor changes to Fixlet messages in the BigFix
Firewall, BigFix AntiVirus, and BigFix DLP sites.
Additionally, an updated version of BigFix Firewall has also been
The following is a comprehensive list of changes:
** Added additional debug logging to the BES Client Logging Service
** Added a registry key to BigFix Firewall to note the last policy
switch time
** Added additional logging to note which rule caused a Firewall block
** Fixed an issue where malformed XML firewall policies would
incorrectly report they loaded successfully
** Added a new default behavior to always allow DHCP traffic thru BigFix
** Resolved a handle leaking issue in the BES Client Logging Service
** Fixed a potential timing problem when log rolling in the BES Client
Logging Service
** Removed the Exchange plug-in audit Fixlet from BigFix AntiVirus
** Fixed possible missing information in DLP scan logs
** Fixed an issue where switching between manually crafted firewall
policies could sometimes cause an unexpected loss of connectivity
** Fixed a compatibility issue between the BES Client Logging Service
and forthcoming versions of the BigFix Client
Affected Fixlet/Task Content:
BES Support Site:
ID: 480 Updated BES Client Now Available! (Version 7.0.1) -
WinNT/2000/2003/XP/Vista (Logging Service Installed)
ID: 524 Upgrade BES Client Logging Service to Latest Version
BigFix AntiPest Site
ID: 1  BigFix AntiPest - Deploy AntiPest 2.0
ID: 14 BigFix AntiPest - Updated BigFix AntiPest Now Available! (Version
BigFix AntiVirus Site
ID: 30 BigFix AntiVirus - Deploy
ID: 33 BigFix AntiVirus - Update
BigFix Firewall Site
ID: 5  BigFix Firewall - Deploy      
ID: 12 BigFix Firewall - Update
BigFix DLP Site
ID: 3  BigFix DLP - Deploy
ID: 22 BigFix DLP - Upgrade    
BES administrators are encouraged to verify open actions and synchronize
baselines that contain the modified content. Instructions for
synchronizing baselines can be found here:

Please contact BigFix Technical Support if you have any questions
regarding this change or please contact your account representative if
you are interested in a trial of one of these BigFix solutions.
BigFix Product Team




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