[BESAdmin-Announcements] Upgrade Fixlet for Windows agent updated and new "Fixlet Debugger" released

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Wed Dec 19 00:40:37 PST 2007

Agent Upgrade Fixlet updated:

We have released a patched update to the BigFix 7.0.7 Agent for Windows.
The new version ( is available by Fixlet update on the BES
Support site. The changes in are listed at the bottom of the
page at:



All 7.0.x agents are forward an backwards compatible will all other
7.0.x components. If you have not yet upgraded your agents to 7.0.7, we
recommend you upgrade to the new version using the upgrade
Fixlet message. If you have already upgraded your agents to,
you can choose to upgrade to to take advantage of the new


The other BigFix components (server, console, and relay) have not been
updated at this time.


New "Fixlet Debugger" alpha version available:

By popular request, the Relevance Debugger has been updated to allow you
to test Fixlet Actions in addition to Fixlet Relevance and has been
renamed to "Fixlet Debugger". The current version is an alpha version
and we will release updated versions of the Fixlet Debugger as they
become available. You can download the Fixlet Debugger at:




Thanks and Happy Holidays from everyone at BigFix!


BigFix Product Team

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