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Mon Jul 31 14:39:21 PDT 2006

Hi everyone,
BigFix is pleased to announce the availability of the "Updates for
Windows Applications" site.
As companies have become more adept at patching the Windows OS,
attackers are now beginning to focus their research efforts on
third-party Windows applications, including Mozilla Firefox, Adobe
Acrobat, and others.  Mozilla recently released a point patch to Firefox
that covers several security vulnerabilities. The Updates for Windows
Applications site can help you find and patch your vulnerable Firefox
installs throughout your network in real-time.
In addition to Firefox, Updates for Windows Applications provides
updates for some of the most common Windows applications, including:
* Adobe Flash Player
* Adobe Acrobat
* Adobe Reader
* Apple iTunes
* Apple QuickTime
* Mozilla Firefox
* RealPlayer
* Skype
* Sun Java Runtime Environment
* Winamp
Please contact your sales rep for more information regarding this
The BigFix Product Team
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