[BESAdmin-Announcements] All August Fixlets released

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Tue Aug 8 22:30:53 PDT 2006

As a follow-up to the earlier announcement, the Fixlet messages for
Microsoft's August patches were released at approximately 7pm Pacific
time today (August 8th). The elapsed time since Microsoft released the
patches was approximately 8.5 hours. The full batch of Fixlet messages
(including the x64 patches) for the 12 security bulletins should be
available on your BES Servers. 
Also, please note that around 8pm PT, you might have noticed that some
of your Fixlet messages temporarily disappeared from your BES Consoles.
This was related to a temporary issue on our end and we immediately
corrected the problem and do not expect it to ever happen again. We are
sorry for any inconvenience this caused.
If you are interested in receiving announcements when new
Microsoft-related Fixlet messages are released, please sign up for our
Fixlet Notification mailing list at:
BigFix Fixlet Team
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