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Tue Sep 6 15:35:25 PDT 2005

BigFix is pleased to announce the availability of BES



BES is a minor upgrade with several bug fixes, minor enhancements,
and security fixes. The bug fixes and enhancements are not considered
critical for customers, but due to a flaw in the embedded zlib libraries
that was discovered recently, BigFix highly recommends upgrading all
components to


The security issue is in the embedded zlib libraries. To fix this security
issue, the embedded libraries were upgraded to version 1.2.3, which correct
the flaw. The zlib library is embedded in each BES component: BES Server,
BES Console, BES Relays, and BES Clients so each component must be
upgraded.More information regarding the zlib security vulnerabilities can be
found http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/238678 and


The release also patches several minor issues in BES All BES components are fully forwards and backwards compatible with the BES components (and previous versions after BES 4.0). 


Information about the updated changes is available at:



The upgrade is available to all BES customers at no charge. Because of the
security fix, BigFix recommends upgrading to eliminate this vulnerability.


As with all BES upgrades, you can upgrade any component manually or by using
Fixlet messages available on the BES Support Fixlet site.


If you are currently running BES 5.1, you can upgrade any or all of the
components in any order.


Manual upgrade instructions are available at:




The documentation for BES 5.1 is available at:



Please note that due to some performance optimizations, the BES Server
version 5.1 will no longer support BES Clients version 3.1 and earlier.

Please upgrade the BES Clients version 3.1 and earlier before upgrading the
BES Server to version 5.1. All other BES Client versions (4.0 and later) are
compatible with BES 5.1.



BigFix Product Team


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