[BESAdmin-Announcements] BES Patch Release, New Unix/Linux 5.0 Agents, IBM AIX now supported, Sophos AV now supported

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Wed Mar 16 01:15:23 PST 2005

We are pleased to announce the following:
BES patch release now available - 
There is a new non-critical BES 5.0 release that addresses a number of
issues with BES and earlier. The idea for this release is to fix a
number of the most problematic issues without having to wait for the BES 5.1
release scheduled for mid-Q2. Most of the changes are to the BES Console and
to BES Web Reports (included in the BES Server upgrade). You will find
upgrade Tasks (not Fixlet messages) in the BES Support Fixlet site that will
allow you to upgrade the BES Server and BES Console. You can upgrade the BES
components in any order. All BES components are fully forwards and
backwards compatible with earlier BES 5.0.x components. 
There are no changes to the BES Client and there are only very minor changes
to the BES Relay so we are not making an upgrade Task available for the BES
Relay or BES Client.
More information about the BES release is available at:
Upgraded Unix/Linux Agent - 
Upgraded Unix/Linux agents for BES 5.0 are now available. In addition to
fixing several issues with the non-Windows BES 4.1 Agents, the new agents
support Tasks, Analyses, and all the other BES 5.0 features that the Windows
BES Clients currently support. You will find Fixlet messages available on
the BES Support site to upgrade your old agents.
The new agents are available for download here:
IBM AIX now an officially supported platform - 
With the release of the new BES 5.0 agents, we now officially support IBM
AIX 5.1-5.3. You can find the AIX agent at: 
Sophos AntiVirus now supported in the Client Manager for AV site - 
In addition to McAfee, Symantec, eTrust, and Trend Micro, we now officially
support Sophos AntiVirus in the Client Manager for AV site. Just like the
current support for the other AV products, you can now use BES to help keep
your Sophos AntiVirus clients healthy by updating the DAT definitions,
verifying that the agent is installed, and verifying the agent is running. 
If you are currently subscribed to the Client Manager for AV site and you
have Sophos AntiVirus installed, the new Fixlet messages will work
automatically. If you are not subscribed to the Client Manager for AV site
and would like to be, contact your sales representative for more
BETA Programs
We are in the midst of BETA testing several new Fixlet sites centered around
Asset Discovery of Unmanaged Assets and Asset Inventory and Licensing. If
you are interested in joining these BETA programs, please email
betafeedback at bigfix.com.
BigFix Product Team
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