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BigFix AntiPest (powered by PestPatrol) now released!
BigFix AntiPest is now released from BETA into general availability. BigFix
AntiPest incorporates technology from PestPatrol to clean software pests
(Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, etc.) from computers with full central
management from the BES Console. 
Here is a paraphrased description from one of our customers using BigFix
"We were having a big problem with Spyware on our managed computers. The
problems occurred mainly on the computers where users had administrator
access, but we got a surprising number of helpdesk calls from users who
didn't have administrator access as well. Whenever the helpdesk received a
problem that sounded like a Spyware related issue -- like slow computers,
ads popping up, or other classic Spyware issues -- we dispatched a tech to
either run a free antispyware tool or to re-image the computer, which of
course was very expensive and resource intensive. When we deployed BigFix
AntiPest to 5% of our computers in a trial, we found that over 20% of those
computers had some form of Spyware. We were very surprised to see the
Spyware number that high and we found that many users didn't actually know
they had Spyware installed. Based on these results, we got authorization to
immediately push BigFix AntiPest to the full enterprise and found that a
total of 17% of computers had Spyware (many of which were really nasty
keyloggers or hijackers). I was able to hand the full BES Spyware report to
my boss and the security group that same night we pushed the deploy button
in BES. They were really excited to see such a detailed report with all the
names and descriptions of the Spyware. As of now, we are about 98% Spyware
free and we are weeding out the few remaining computers with various
If you are interested in trying BigFix AntiPest in your production
environment contact your sales engineer to set up a 30 day trial.
Alternately, you can install a separate lab installation of BES with BigFix
AntiPest by using the standard evaluation version of BES at
Mac OSX 10.4 now supported
Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) is now a supported operating system for the BES Client
in addition to Mac OS X version 10.2 and 10.3. Mac OSX agents can be found
at http://support.bigfix.com/bes/install/besclients-nonwindows.html.
Contact your sales engineer for more questions about these announcements,
BigFix Product Team
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